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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where we prepare meals, gather as a family, and invite our friends. The kitchen should be a practical and beautifully designed space, but when it is outdated, cramped, or simply doesn’t meet our needs, it becomes more of a hassle than a place we love to be. Precision Home Improvement is here to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. We specialize in both residential and commercial kitchens and believe in working with you as our valued client to reach your goals and realize your design preferences. Not only do we bring skill and expertise to the fore, but as a family-owned business, we are attentive and compassionate. Our team of kitchen remodeling contractors in Bradenton will design economical, modern, and even traditional kitchens to satisfy your interests and needs.

Beautiful Residential and Commercial Kitchens
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Beautiful Residential and Commercial Kitchens that Add Value

An important focus of our kitchen remodeling services is to provide our clients with beautiful design and the most incredible value. When we undertake a Bradenton kitchen remodel, residents and commercial customers will receive on-trend and classically inspired kitchen design. We provide professional advice on features and fixtures that improve the esthetics and resale value of your kitchen and your property. If you need design advice and inspiration, we are the ones to call. We have a close-knit team of designers and kitchen remodeling contractors in Bradenton who have remodeled all residential and commercial kitchens’ styles and sizes with precision and attention to detail.

Professional and Practical Kitchen Remodeling You Can Trust

A kitchen should be designed with practicality and contemporary features that work for space. Our specialized team of kitchen remodeling contractors in Bradenton have praised for its esthetic qualities and the functionality they have dreamed of. When remodeling your kitchen, it can provide many benefits for your home or business. It is essential to rely on our expertise and skill to help you reap the rewards of such exceptional results.

A practical kitchen should be spacious, offer ample storage, and prove easy to maintain. The Precision Home Improvement team will first create a design plan based on your remodel requests and an assessment of your current kitchen. Our goal is to maximize space while creating a warm, inviting, and functional kitchen that makes it easy to prepare meals for guests or complete commercial prep for dinner service. Because every design need is unique, our remodelers work with you to breathe new life into your kitchen and property. With our kitchen remodeling Bradenton services, homes and businesses can benefit from efficiency, value, esthetics, and charm when we manage your next home improvement project.


Experienced and Skilled Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Bradenton

If you’re tired of a lack of storage in your kitchen or your current space simply doesn’t meet your design preferences, it’s time to make a change. When we perform a kitchen remodel, Bradenton residential and commercial properties can benefit from a team of renovators who have the expertise to streamline your project from its design to completion. Using a combination of traditional remodeling techniques with modern technology, we make it easier for you to envision what your new kitchen will look like. Because we are an all-in-one service provider, you can rely on one team to manage different aspects of the kitchen renovation, from the plumbing and installation of sinks or countertops to the flooring and custom cabinets. We also provide a year’s guarantee on our workmanship because we are confident in the skill and the craftsmanship of our dedicated team. For your next kitchen remodel, be sure to contact us at Precision Home Improvement.

Why appoint Precision Home Improvement for kitchen remodel in Bradenton?

Being a part of the remodeling industry in Florida for quite a considerable period, we have gained an all-around perspective of how things work, how processes can be streamlined, and resources leveraged for best results. Our business entity may be only a year old, but our team consists of people who have spent years executing projects on the ground. 


When we are entrusted with a kitchen remodel in Bradenton, we endeavor to identify your design needs for the remodeled kitchen. As a professional and competent contractor, it is our job to ensure optimized use of the space available, blend it with your aspirations and functional aspects to create the kitchen of your dreams. Precision Home Improvement swiftly and smoothly overcomes all challenges in designing a wow space for your cooking needs. Speak to our team today for your upcoming kitchen remodel in Bradenton and receive a free consultation and estimate.

Kitchen Remodeling Company in Bradenton

Kitchen Remodeling Company in Bradenton and surrounding areas

A kitchen renovation is not a small undertaking. It should always be managed by the very best, and that’s where we come in! Precision Home Improvement has been designing and creating brand new kitchens for our residential and commercial customers with outstanding results. Our kitchens are designed for functionality, beauty, and lasting features that add value and appeal. Every aspect of our kitchen remodel is detailed and transparent, so you are aware o the processes and the costs involved every step of the way. Whether a family kitchen or a commercial kitchen, call us for professional kitchen remodeling in Bradenton FL and beyond.